The Dream Wedding of Eleonora and Paolo at Villa Mosca, Alghero.


The first rays of morning light touch the crystal-clear sea of Alghero, kissing the facade of Villa Mosca, a historic residence nestled within a centuries-old park. Inside, Eleonora and Paolo, two soulmates bound by a deep love, prepare for the most important day of their lives.

The skilled hands of Sarah Alfonso, a talented wedding planner, meticulously orchestrate every detail, creating a magical and sophisticated atmosphere. White flowers, symbols of purity and innocence, adorn the rooms and the park, while sunbeams filter through the large windows, creating a play of light and shadow.

Eleonora, enveloped in a wedding gown by Gruppo Collu Serramanna, surrenders to the expert touch of Nicoletta Sottosanti, her hairstylist, and Sarah Alfonso, her make-up artist. Her face, radiant with joy and anticipation, perfectly embodies natural beauty.

Paolo, looking elegant in his suit by Dalida Alghero, waits impatiently for his future wife. His emotional gaze betrays the unconditional love he holds for her.

The ceremony, officiated in an atmosphere of deep emotion and joy, seals their eternal love. The vows uttered in trembling voices, the tears of happiness, the knowing glances – every moment is an indelible memory.

The reception, meticulously set up in the park of Villa Mosca, is a triumph of elegance and romance. Long tables impeccably laid out, white flowers creating an ethereal atmosphere, and a wedding cake by Barbara Lauricella that stands majestically in the center of the room.

The radiant and blissful bride and groom collaborate with the photographers of Kaleidos Wedding, allowing themselves to be captured in natural and romantic poses. Their contagious joy spreads among the guests, who dance and celebrate until late at night.

Every detail of this dream wedding has been curated with love and dedication, to pay homage to the pure and unconditional love of Eleonora and Paolo. A love that shines in their eyes, their smiles, and every gesture of affection.

Kaleidos Wedding’s photographs narrate this modern fairytale with an elegant and refined style, capturing the essence of a perfect day. A day that will forever remain etched in the memory of the couple and all those fortunate enough to share it with them.


  • Wedding Planner: Sarah Alfonso
  • Florist: Raimonda Ruiu (white flowers)
  • Hairdresser: Nicoletta Sottosanti
  • Make-Up Artist: Sarah Alfonso
  • Attire: bride – Gruppo Collu Serramanna; groom – Dalida Alghero
  • Shoes: bride – Alevì Milano; groom – Dalida Alghero
  • Jewelry: wedding bands – Alfonso Jewelry Alghero
  • Cake: Barbara Lauricella
  • Favors: La pelegrina

As Alghero wedding photographer we love to capture love stories for elopements and weddings in Sardinia. Villa Mosca is a stunning, poetic and elegant venue in Sardinia! Contact us filling our questionnaire!