Kaleidos derives from two ancient Greek words, Kalos and Eidos,

which stand for “beautiful image”

It was many centuries earlier, in the year 1816, that the Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster, inspired by the word Kalos, invented the Kaleidoscope, an optical instrument with fragments of mirrors and glass capable of creating such spectacular and marvellous optical toys.

Thirty years later, another scientist, William Henry Fox Talbot, inspired by the word Kalos, invented the calotype, a photography process that allowed to chemically transform a latent image into a fully visible image.

For the first time in history it was possible to obtain an innumerable set of prints from the negative image.

In this way, Kaleidos was born between beauty and wonder.

The philosophy


The philosophy of Kaleidos Wedding revolves around two complementary principles.

Documentary Photography

Firstly, it draws inspiration from the candid, unscripted moments of documentary photography and reportage. Here, the photographer seeks to capture the genuine, natural essence of each moment, aiming to freeze emotions in their raw and unrepeatable state.

Editorial Photography 

Secondly, it is influenced by the meticulous approach of editorial photography. Here, composition is carefully crafted and planned, akin to what one might see in a fashion magazine spread. Attention is given to details, composition, and creativity, ensuring each image showcases the aesthetic aspects to their fullest potential.


The philosophy of Kaleidos Wedding seamlessly blends the spontaneity of emotions with intentional compositional planning, creating a harmonious balance between capturing genuine moments and crafting visually striking images.

Frequent Questions



What is your approach?

"I am a deeply empathetic individual who takes great pleasure in understanding your preferences, boundaries, and desires. I firmly believe that photogenicity is a myth; we are all inherently beautiful, and the essence of photographic art lies in the ability to capture the poetic soul of each individual.

If you find yourself anxious about being your authentic self in front of the camera, rest assured. With 15 years of experience behind the lens, I am dedicated to crafting a distinctive and unforgettable experience. Together, we will create a natural and spontaneous photographic and cinematic story that authentically reflects the uniqueness of your wedding day."


What is the process?

"Upon signing the contract and submitting the deposit, your event date is officially reserved.

Approximately 15 days before your wedding, we will send you a comprehensive questionnaire for the couple. This document is designed for you to share all the details of your day, and we encourage collaboration with your Wedding Planner.

The information you provide will be invaluable to the Kaleidos professionals, enabling us to create an audiovisual story. On your wedding day, you can focus on getting excited and having fun, as our presence will be almost invisible. We will capture the essence of your day with spontaneity, joy, and emotion."


Do you have any kind of limits to move away?

"My work takes me to breathtaking locations around Ibiza, such as Formentera, Palma de Mallorca, and Menorca. Additionally, I capture moments along the neighboring coasts, from Valencia to Alicante, and I also work in my hometown, Sardinia. However, I find immense joy in journeying with you to Italy—whether it's the historic Tuscany, a genuine castle in Southern Italy's Puglia, or the stunning Amalfi Coast.

Why not join me on a journey as your destination wedding photographer? Whether it's a magical celebration in Marrakesh, a traditional Indonesian wedding in Bali, or a cinematic wedding in the romantic settings of Paris or New York, I'm prepared to capture the unique beauty of your special day. Having traversed various landscapes and colors throughout my life, I prioritize the creative richness that comes from such diverse experiences."


How you are working your photographic material?

"Time, rigor, and artistic vision are integral to the process of selecting and editing photos, as well as developing the raw photographic material.

Editing stands out as the most delicate and crucial phase, requiring thoughtful consideration of the entire narrative while acknowledging the impact of each individual photo. Postproduction aligns with the development aspect, as a digital professional camera generates a raw, unprocessed file—akin to a negative in analog photography—necessitating transformation into a positive image to reveal its inherent light.

At Kaleidos, our philosophy dictates that each photo should exude its unique harmonic strength while seamlessly contributing to the overall narrative's harmony. Typically, I deliver approximately 100 images for a couple or an individual photo session and around 800 photos for a full-day wedding (in both web-friendly and print-quality JPG formats)."


How do you deliver your photographic materials? Can you print an album for us?

"We offer Hight resolution photos, edited on by one with my personal style and personalized and shareable beautiful On line gallery.

"We provide high-resolution photos, meticulously edited with my personal style, and present them in a personalized and shareable online gallery.

This gallery remains active for a year, allowing you and your guests to view, enjoy, and download the photos from any device with an internet connection.

If you desire to bring your story to life in print, we offer options such as a handcrafted album printed on Fine-Art paper, an elegant album on photographic paper, or a special box featuring individual pictures. I personally oversee the entire layout phase until the final delivery."