The elegant wedding of Marianna and Andrea in Milan


The wedding of Marianna and Andrea in Milan was an extraordinary event, characterized by an atmosphere of refined elegance and overwhelming love. With meticulously curated details and a captivating setting, the day was an ode to beauty and elegance.

The Perfect Setting

The day began with Marianna immersing herself in preparation at the luxurious Magna Pars Hotel in Milan, where every detail was attended to with extreme precision to ensure the bride shone on her special day. The serene and luxurious atmosphere of the hotel provided the perfect backdrop for moments of preparation and anticipation.

The ceremony took place in the majestic Church of Sant’Ambrogio, an icon of Milan steeped in history and spirituality. With its imposing architecture and solemn character, the church added a touch of grandeur and sacredness to the day, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for the exchange of vows and deepest feelings.

The reception, hosted at the refined Mari&Co, offered guests an extraordinary culinary experience, enriched by impeccable service and a selection of gastronomic delights. The discreet elegance and sophisticated charm of the venue created a perfect setting to celebrate love and joy with friends and family.

Style and Elegance

Marianna enchanted everyone with her wedding dress, a creation by Gucci and Marta Ferri, which shone for its sophistication and timeless style. Roger Vivier shoes completed the look with a touch of glamour and refinement.

Andrea wore an impeccable groom’s suit from the prestigious Sartoria A. Caraceni, which enhanced his figure and distinctive style with elegance and class.

Simply Perfect Details

Every detail of the wedding was meticulously attended to, including Marianna’s makeup and hairstyling, entrusted to the expert team at Area 6 / Alessandro Lisi. Their mastery in creating a natural and radiant look added a touch of beauty and grace to the bride.

The wonderful bouquets and floral arrangements, passionately crafted by Mari&Co’s florist, enriched the atmosphere with their beauty and fragrance, creating a charming backdrop for the entire day.

The invitations, tastefully designed by Mari&Co and Raffaella Valsecchi, announced the event with elegance and style, anticipating the magnificence of what was to come.

The music, provided by the talented group Smarty’s Music, entertained guests with an engaging mix of rock, blues, and jazz, creating the atmosphere for an elegant candlelit evening.

The wedding of Marianna and Andrea in Milan was an event of rare beauty and sophistication, blending love, style, and elegance in an unforgettable celebration. With impeccable details and an enchanting atmosphere, the day left a refined, warm, and emotional imprint.

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