Alessia and Angelo’s Magical Wedding at L’Incantu Restaurant, Castelsardo


At Kaleidos Wedding Photo and Video, we had the immense pleasure of immortalizing the love story of Alessia and Angelo as they embarked on their journey together in the breathtaking setting of L’Incantu Restaurant, nestled in the enchanting town of Castelsardo, Sardinia. As purveyors of timeless love stories against the backdrop of Sardinia’s most exquisite venues, we couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque celebration.

Alessia, adorned in an ethereal gown from Fatamadrina Modasposi, exuded elegance and grace with every step she took down the aisle. Angelo, perfectly complementing her beauty, was dashing in a meticulously crafted ensemble from atelier_dessanti_sassari. The chemistry between them was palpable, and it was an honor to capture every tender glance and loving embrace.

The floral arrangements, courtesy of Mavi floral Designer, adorned the venue with delicate blooms, adding a touch of natural splendor to the already captivating surroundings. Each petal seemed to whisper tales of romance, further enhancing the enchantment of the occasion.

As Alessia prepared to walk down the aisle, her radiance was accentuated by the skilled hands of Daniele Sequenza Makeup, who ensured that every feature was highlighted with finesse. Meanwhile, hair_alghero worked their magic, crafting a hairstyle that perfectly complemented her bridal ensemble, completing the vision of bridal perfection.

Throughout the evening, the melodies of the music band, The Live Experience, filled the air, setting the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable celebration of love. From the romantic ballads to the lively tunes that had everyone on their feet, the music added an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting affair.

As photographers and videographers, it’s our privilege to document not just moments, but emotions — to freeze in time the joy, the laughter, and the tears of such monumental occasions. Alessia and Angelo’s wedding was a testament to the enduring power of love, and we are grateful to have been a part of their extraordinary journey.

At Kaleidos Wedding Photo and Video, we specialize in turning fleeting moments into cherished memories, ensuring that every smile, every glance, and every heartfelt exchange is captured with the utmost care and artistry. If you’re seeking to immortalize your love story amidst the stunning backdrop of Sardinia’s finest venues, we would be honored to be a part of your special day. Let us weave your love story into a masterpiece that will be treasured for a lifetime.