Elegant and Traditional Wedding Tale: Francesca and Cristian in Sardinia


Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Francesca and Cristian’s wedding, a harmonious blend of elegance, simplicity, and tradition. Join us as we explore their unforgettable celebration, beautifully documented through both film and photography.

Ceremony: SS. Gavino, Proto e Gianuario Church, Muros
Francesca and Cristian exchanged vows in the timeless setting of the SS. Gavino, Proto e Gianuario Church in Muros. The solemnity and beauty of this historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt union.

Reception: Agriturismo Monte Fenosu Scala di Giocca, Muros
Following the ceremony, guests were invited to celebrate at the picturesque Agriturismo Monte Fenosu Scala di Giocca in Muros. Surrounded by the rustic charm of the countryside, this venue offered an idyllic setting for dining and dancing under the stars.

Couple Session: Romantic Stroll through a Vineyard in Sassari
Francesca and Cristian’s couple session was a magical and bucolic moment, where they strolled through a vineyard in Sassari. Amidst the vines and the enchantment of the surroundings, they captured moments of intimacy and love that added a special touch to their wedding tale.

Florist: Fioridea, Cristiana Marongiu, Florinas
The enchanting floral arrangements that adorned Francesca and Cristian’s wedding were crafted by Fioridea, led by the talented Cristiana Marongiu from Florinas. From delicate bouquets to elegant centerpieces, each floral creation added a touch of beauty and romance to the festivities.

Hair Stylist: Centro degrade Joelle Ilenia Mastripieri, Muros
Francesca’s flawless hairstyle was expertly styled by Centro degrade Joelle Ilenia Mastripieri in Muros. With meticulous attention to detail, they created a stunning look that perfectly complemented her bridal attire.

Makeup Artist: Denise Orani, Ossi
Completing Francesca’s bridal look was the skilled handiwork of makeup artist Denise Orani from Ossi. With a focus on enhancing natural beauty, Denise ensured that Francesca radiated confidence and grace throughout the day.

Attire: Elisabetta Delogu
Francesca and Cristian looked resplendent in their wedding attire designed by Elisabetta Delogu. With a blend of classic elegance and modern sophistication, their outfits captured the essence of their love story.

Film and Photography: Kaleidos Wedding
Capturing every precious moment of Francesca and Cristian’s wedding was Kaleidos Wedding. With their expert eye for detail and artistic vision, they immortalized the magic of the day, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime.

In conclusion, Francesca and Cristian’s wedding was a true testament to love, tradition, and timeless elegance. From the sacred ceremony to the joyous festivities, every aspect of their celebration was imbued with meaning and beauty. If you’re dreaming of a wedding that blends elegance and tradition, let Francesca and Cristian’s story inspire your own journey of love.

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