The wedding of Ale and Mikel at Isola Rossa, Sardinia


In the tapestry of life, where threads of destiny intertwine, there exists a melody of love that resonates across borders and whispers through the winds of time. Alessandra, a daughter of Sardinia, and Mikel, a son of the Basque Country, found themselves bound by a love that transcended distance and embraced the rich tapestry of their heritage.

Against the backdrop of Sardinia’s northern coast, where the cerulean sea meets rugged cliffs adorned with the secrets of ancient civilizations, Alessandra and Mikel embarked on a journey that would weave their souls together in the fabric of eternity.

Guided by the ancestral whispers of Alessandra’s homeland, the couple chose Isola Rossa as the stage for their love story to unfold. Here, amidst the salt-kissed air and the melody of waves caressing the shore, they found solace in the embrace of tradition and the promise of a future intertwined with the echoes of their ancestors.

Beneath the watchful gaze of Torre Aragonese, a sentinel standing tall against the passage of time, Alessandra and Mikel exchanged vows of devotion and fidelity. The sea, a silent witness to their union, murmured its blessings as they pledged their hearts to one another, forever entwined in a dance of love and longing.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow upon the rugged landscape, Alessandra and Mikel ventured into the embrace of twilight for a timeless moment captured in the sands of time. Hand in hand, they wandered along the shores of Isola Rossa, their laughter mingling with the whispers of the sea, creating melodies that echoed through the ages.

At Restaurant Il Geranio, under a canopy of stars that mirrored the sparkle in their eyes, Alessandra and Mikel celebrated their union with family and friends. Amidst the clinking of glasses and the laughter of loved ones, they reveled in the joy of togetherness, savoring each moment as a testament to the enduring power of love.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Isabel Zapardiez adorning Alessandra in timeless elegance, Kaleidos Wedding embarked on a mission to capture the essence of this love story in every frame. Through the lens of our cameras and the soar of our drones, we immortalized the beauty of Alessandra and Mikel’s journey, ensuring that their love would shine brightly for generations to come.

As the night drew to a close and the stars painted patterns in the sky, Alessandra and Mikel took to the dance floor, their hearts beating in rhythm to the melody of their love. In their embrace, amidst the symphony of Sardinia’s seaside serenade, they found sanctuary, their souls entwined in a bond that would endure for all eternity.

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