“We human beings are love dependent animals”  Humberto Maturana

I am a Visual Storyteller Wedding Photographer and Audio Visual Producer with authentic, natural and emotional style. My name is Alice Sassu and I was born and grew up with my sister Erica, in a small inland village in Sardinia, a mysterious and wonderful island floating in the middle of Mediterranean Sea. Our childhood was magic thanks to the flours of our mother and the paintings of our father, and these memories became a clear photography since they were gone.

After my adolescence, I moved to Sassari, a city that warmly hosted me for many years and where during my studies in Philosophy I cultivated the passion for cinema, photography and social issues.

Due to the walks of life and thanks to a European project, I spent one year living in the Middle East, where I discovered in practice my passion for visual storytelling. Later on, in a renowned artistic school of photography (Cfp Bauer) in the misty Milan, I funneled this passion into something professional.

Along these past years my photographic and short-movie projects have been published in several international magazines: Planeta Futuro El Pais, New York Times, Washington Post, Open Society Foundations, World Photography Organization blog, Der Spiegel, Dein Spiegel, Foto8, Gioia, Internazionale, Whitness Journal  and others. In 2016, two of my projects carried out in India have been featured at the Angkor Photo Festival, an international photojournalist festival in Cambodia. Furthermore, I’m proud to be part of the international platform of women documentary photographers womenphotograph.com. 

I have accumulated considerable professional experience as a photojournalist and a video reporter. As documentary photographer, I had have the privilege to share and tell a lot of exciting, joyful and suffering lives. Always as a consequence of the vicissitudes of life, I’ve lived in the Middle East, in India (West Bengal, Kolkata), in London, in Milan and, nowadays, I live and love in Spain, Madrid, where I’m planning future documentary projects and where I’ve decided to create Kaleidos Wedding.

Like Sardinia Wedding Photographer I can tell wedding stories in my home country, or between the exquisitely Mediterranean scents of Spain. Especially as Destination wedding photographer, I can travel to some new places for you as well: why not a countryside wedding in Tuscany, or a magical wedding in Marrakesh, a summer and traditional Indonesian wedding in Bali, or a cinematographic wedding in London, Paris or New York. As Spain Wedding Photographer I can tell weddings and loves stories in the historical Spanish cities like Madrid, Toledo, Segovia.

In the end, it was the unpredictable flow of the life, the discover new faces, places and emotions that made me the curious and dreamer and destination wedding photographer that I am. Visit my personal web site to know more about my stories from the world.